GMG’s medical publishing activities are aimed at supporting the marketing teams of pharmaceutical and medical companies in promoting their products and increasing prescriptions and endorsement by the medical and healthcare community.
This is achieved through:

o Focusing in innovation
o Identifying and satisfying unmet needs of our pharmaceutical customers
o Working  with the world-leading publishers and with influential medical
  associations to co-publish titles of unique content and high medical value
o Providing quality-oriented and value-added content that helps physicians in their
  daily clinical work

GMG Medical Publishing is constantly and successfully introducing new tools and ideas aimed at helping marketing teams of pharma companies promote their drugs and increase market share.

( Please view the dowloadable brief 10 slides, this is all it takes you to see the idea. )
Neuro Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>Neurology Assess Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>GP,IM Critical Care Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>IM, ICU MA Review Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>GP, IM Psych Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>Psychiatry Sport Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>Orthopedics, GP Rehab Notes<br>F.A.Davis<br>Orthopedics, GP
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