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GMG Group of Companies
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Galatsi 11147, Athens, Greece
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Recruitment Services
With vast experience on the placement of personnel, we
offer our clients the highest quality of service in the
Recruitment process. We provide our clients with the
understanding and expertise required to identify, qualify, place and retain the highest-level candidates from any specific industry, across all disciplines at all hierarchical levels.

We undertake successfully all Recruitment assignments by using methods such as ‘Search’ through our numerous and ongoing  updated CVs database, ‘Selection’ through advert placement in the media & ‘Executive Search’ for senior posts via a series of unique methods according to the assignment undertaken. Further, with the service of ‘Outsourcing’ we are able to take up the whole recruiting process or just the stages where our assistance is required; a solution that offers improvement in quality, cost, service and speed.

Our tolls include a Personality Profile Analysis and an Emotional Intelligence Report, so as to provide a detailed “character map” of the candidates. Furthermore, we can apply - upon client request - an adaptation test which estimates the ability of the candidate to be incorporated in the culture and work environment of the specific job location. Additionally to this “adaptation test” we can implement the relevant induction course :
Induction Training is vital for new employees & their employers. A well conducted induction ensures new personnel are incorporated in the new work environment faster, retained, therefore reduced turnover and settle in speedily, comfortably and in a constructive role.
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